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Child Wood Rolling Pin made at the same factory regular wooden rolling pins are made.
Hand Wheat Grinder that works without electricity. When you need to grind your wheat you want one that works and is easy to use.
Kids Rolling Pin for small hands, making pies cookies and helping mom in the kitchen will be more fun..
Great Hand Wheat Grinder mill that is easy to use and the best quality wheat grinder.

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Wheat Grinder

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Hand Wheat Grinder the best


Child Pastry Set

Small kids can roll out cookies with you

Your little one will enjoy their own little rolling pin that fit their small hands. This can be passed down and enjoyed for generations, very well made.

Hand wheat grinder

Wheat Grinder, also Corn grinder

Wheat Grinder or Corn Bean Auger is FDA approved food-grade powder coating finish. Powder coating cast air craft aluminum.
Build for hand milling, but easily motorized with High-carbon steel grinding plates.

Notice how fine the wheat flour is ground to. You may adjust it if you want a coarser grind for wheat cereal or the fine wheat flour for all your special recipes. Bolt your wheat grinder to an area on your counter top or you may get a Wall mount kit to put your grain mill on. The Motorization kit comes with a board to put your wheat grinder corn bean auger on.
High Carbon Grinding Plates.


Microwave heating pad for comfort of your sore back & body
Deep warmth to your muscles

Heating pad

Square Heating Pads $14.95

Choose from plaid or floral soft flannel pillowcases. 1 pocket microwave pad has a soft removable pillowcase to keep the insides clean, the flannel feels wonderful next to your body and when it gets dirt just take the pillowcase off and wash it.



Child Pastry Set

Child Wood Rolling Pin and Pastry Set $19.95

Kids Rolling pin & Pastry set with small wooden rolling pin that will last for generations. Little hands can roll out their cookie or pie dough with their very one just like moms. It comes with removable cloth cover for rolling pin, pie plate, heart cookie cutter and canvas mat for their own work place.

You will have your best helper in the kitchen with her own tools to cook just like Mom.


Child small wood rolling pin

Wheat corn hand mill

Wheat Grinder and corn bean auger. Hand grain mill that can easily be converted to electric. Number 1 Hand Mill can also be adapted for power

Industrial grade labyrinth grooved sealed bearings, cast iron flywheel and lifetime guaranteed. Rated best in the world by two consumer magazines, East west journal and Investment advisor. Bread in the picture above is from the wheat ground on this mill. You may also get a wood hopper lid to cover the wheat and corn grinder when not in use. We left it open so you could see the mill. Questions? Call us at 435-648-2141.


Neck heating pads

Neck heating Pad $30.95

The Cadillac of our heating pads. Our special designed neck heating pad will form to your neck, shoulder, knees and back. We've had people who have had bone spurs removed and used it to wrap around there foot after the doctor said they could start using heat. We also make it with pockets so the contents do not go to one end but stay put for even distribution.

4th of July baby bib

4th of July Bib number 3016 $9.95 or buy 2 bibs that can be different bibs $9.49 each

4th of July baby bib. This beautiful flag bib with easy snap on the back has pretty red and white gingham on reversible other side. Easy washable material.

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