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Stitch Thru Time Drying mint, how to dry Mint for your own herbal tea from your own garden
Easy step by step instructions on how to dry and store mint
Make your own tea blend with mint and you will know where it came from.

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How to dry mint

Hanging Mint to Dry

Drying Mint Mint tea is the best,  I make my own tea blend and use my mint that I dry during the summer.  I make mint tea with fresh mint and it is very refreshing.  There is nothing better than peppermint tea before bedtime with chamomile, it makes a wonderful tonic to relax me and help me sleep.  I add mint to some of the tea blends I have bought to add to the flavor and you may also make your tea and chill it for ice tea in the summer. 

If you buy mint tea at the store it can be expensive so why not dry your own. If you want to dry your own mint one of the important things is timing.  It is better to wait until it is mature, but you don’t want the mint to start going to seed as you will lose some of its holistic value.
            When you feel like your mint is right cut it and put it in a large bowl or platter. 

When I cut mint I put all the cut ends facing the same way, you will find it is easier throughout the drying process.


Cut mint

It is best to harvest your mint before it starts to flower, you lose some of the potency to the flowering.


Wash your mint right after you pick it before drying

Wash and Rinse your mint thoroughly  

Put your mint in the sink all facing the same way and wash and rinse it well, you want to wash any bird droppings or dirt off so you have clean mint.
            I then put my mint on a towel to drip dry, remember to keep it all facing the same way.


I cut a long piece of string to tie around a bunch of mint, be sure and tie it tight because as it dries it will shrink and you don’t want it falling on the floor.  I have put brads, little nails in my beams in the kitchen and hang my mint from the brads.  Hang it at different lengths so it will dry faster.  You could also use a fold up clothes dryer or anything else you think might work.


It is best to hang in a cool dark place although I dry it in my kitchen and live in a desert area so during mint harvest it is usually very dry.          

  You need a fan when you are drying any herbs, fruits or vegetables.  I don’t care how hot it, is you need circulation.  After all that work you don’t want your precious food to go bad before it is dry.
            When the mint is dry I put it in a large Tupperwear bowl and let it blend together.  You will find when you dry herbs, fruit or vegetables they don’t all dry the same and this way I keep an eye on it and make sure it is dry enough before I put it in containers.  You don’t want it to spoil.

            When I feel like it is ready to store I put my mint in large glass pickle jars or jars with plastic lids.  You may also use mason canning jars.  I save my nut or animal cracker jars from Costco, they make perfect containers for storing my dried things and it is great way to recycle. 

Before I screw on the lids in whatever kind of container, I use I cut a piece of wax paper to cover my jar and then put the lid on top it and screw it down, this creates a better seal to keep your mint fresh.

Good luck, we would love to hear how your drying went.

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