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Stitch Thru Time Retro apron from 1930 1940 1950 1960 and 1970s
Old fashioned aprons like grandma and mom wore
Stitch Thru Time aprons heating pads Christmas stockings and toys are Made in America We take price in our products.

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American company with a Big Heart

Make memories in the kitchen for dinner in your old fashioned apron.

Summer has arrived and we are busy with gardens and all those recipes for goodies. An apron can always make you feel great in the kitchen.

There is something about putting on an apron that makes you feel and look better.

Go to Stitch Thru Time Instagram to hear our customers tell you how much they enjoy our heating pads.

The best neck heating pad for your neck shoulder and lower back. We have sold thousands over the years and never had one returned but only had our customers buy more for their friends.

Stitch through Time is a women owned business, we have new aprons for the old fashioned girl. No matter how old you are we are all still girls at heart.

Beautiful old fashioned aprons that are not only pretty but are very comfortable. Make new memories of your own with your family while cooking in the kitchen.

Throughout time an apron has always been worn with love. It is important to keep vintage aprons alive, and memories along with them. Stitch Thru time is doing their best to keep aprons alive for generations.

Gingham will always be a favorite especially when mixed with polka dots material. We have mixed some gingham and polka dot material in with our Christmas styles to give your apron an extra flare.

The Christmas Holidays are soon coming Halloween is just around the corner so look at our pretty holiday aprons and order early so you can wear them throughout the holidays.

Our achy muscles are still here so why not pamper your sore muscles with a microwave heating pad. We have special designed heating pads that are for different parts of your body. If taken care of properly your microwave heating pads can last for years and with the washable pillowcase on each heating pad they stay clean and the heat can last longer. The soft flannel pillowcase that comes with every heating pad feels wonderful.

Go to Stitch Thru Time Instagram to hear our customers tell you how wonderful our heating pads are.


1940 Cherry with polka dots

1940 apron Cherries with yellow polka dots women number 2178 matching girl apron 33029

Retro 1940 in cherry with yellow polka dot in the background and red polka dot pockets and ties. This will go perfectly with your cherry pie. Red Cherries on yellow polka dots oh so cute. It looks like you just picked it off your cherry tree.

Red Cherries Yellow Polka Dot

Spend time in the country without going there in an old fashioned church with wreaths trees and snow. Decorate yourself while keeping clean and having fun in the kitchen. A beautiful country holiday to help you enjoy yourself with your loved ones.

Stitch Thru Time was honored to be able to make the aprons for the fifty volunteers of a D Day celebration in Charleston, West Virginia. Our 1940 apron with flag material was used. The celebration was wonderful, everyone enjoyed themselves thanks to the generosity of the doctors who sponsored it, and all the others who worked so hard to make it a success.

Check out of Mother Daughter matching aprons, they are available in many or out styles.

We have the perfect stocking stuffier or presents in our old fashioned toys. Everything from Jacks, airplanes, tiddly winks, tops wood air planes and much more in our Old Fashioned Toys.

Quite often we have web designers who tell us our web site is outdated. We could spend thousands of dollars on a new website but would rather spend it on new fabrics for our old fashioned web site that matches our aprons.


1940 Halloween apron, click for larger view

1940 Halloween apron and who knew spiders could be so cute on gingham number 1093 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girl 303 $39.95 large $44.95




Child Pastry Set

Kids wood rolling pin and pastry set with canvas mat $19.95 Limited supply as they do not make these quality child rolling pins any more.

Kids wood rolling pins made at the same factory as big good quality ones only smaller. Included is a mat pie plate cover for your rolling pin and recipe card with heart cookie cutter. I bought one for my grand kids and they now have grand kids and the rolling pin is like new only a little loving wear. They are something you can hand down for lasting memories and best of all they are Made in America.

Child Pastry Set

Kids Wood rolling pin and child pastry set $19.95

Enjoy baking with your kids using this child pastry set. Good quality child wood rolling pin with cover and small red handles that are perfect for their small hands. It includes the rolling in and cover heart cookie cutter small pie plate mat and recipe card. An heirloom that will last for years. Limited quality.


Canned fruit

Canning jars full of fruit and vegetables
I put some of my new aprons in the Kane County Fair and won first prize ribbon, old fashioned aprons are still the favorites.

As I walk through the fair displays memories come flooding back of when I went with my grandmother, the jars of fruit were lined up in rows, and what beautiful colors and the handiwork done by so many talented people, what a wonderful sight.





1940 Patriotic Apron

1940 Patriotic Apron made in America

Great news for Stitch Thru Time. We were on Salt Lake City, Utah ABC's Channel 4 "God Things Utah" Program on April 8th and December 3rd. During that segment we demonstrated our old fashioned aprons and microwave heating pads. It was a wonderful program that reaches Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. We want to thank producer Gina for inviting us.

I remember Grandma on Sunday, in her starched prettiest Sunday apron. On Monday she would hang up her finest apron and don her wash apron, and even the old apron was starched and ironed. Her apron for the garden was a faded floral, a little worn, but beautiful as it was adorned with her stunning cut flowers. She used her aprons not just to keep her clothes clean, they were a part of her.


1940 Christmas Country Church

1940 Country Church Christmas apron number 2198 $54.95 ex large $59.95 girl 33028 $39.95 large $44.95.


Toy Jacks

Jacks with Rubber Balls

Toy Jumbo Jacks $7.49 with 2 rubber balls & white cotton carrying pouch

Old fashioned toy jacks for kids and adults. Jacks are a game the whole family can enjoy playing together and these jacks are like the ones they used to play with as a kid, even better.
Old Fashioned Jacks and balls are made in America.
Jacks made like the ones in the 1950s they are heavy weight and all rubber balls that bounce.

Made in the USA



Christmas Country Close Up

Close up of Christmas Country Church for your Christmas apron available in all our apron styles.


Toy Marbles

Old Fashioned Marbles with canvas pouch and handbook

Old Fashioned Marbles with Canvas Pouch and Handbook number 201 $9.95

60 Classic Marbles, 2 Shooters, Pouch and Rules on history, game rules & marble shooting techniques.


Remember when you used to play marbles Now you may play them again and so will your family enjoy this old time game. You get cat eyes marbles, shooter marble and a shooting games directions with cloth pouch to carry your marbles in!
Marbles for your Christmas Stocking Stuffier

Old Fashioned Toys

Made in America

Grandma Cherry Yellow Polka Dot Apron

Old fashioned Grandma cherry apron #2179

Grandma old fashioned apron with cherries on yellow polka dot with red polka dot pockets and long apron strings


If you want to give your dog or cat the most wonderful thing they could ever have give them a square heating pad. We have customers who cats meow when the microwave goes on expecting a warm heating pad.

You will love this heating pad as much as your dog

Large Heating pads

Microwave heating pads with a washable pillowcase. Large heating pads cover back, knee elbow or anywhere else you need that extra deep heat. We have it in two sizes large and extra large. It can cover your back or put it in your bed to keep your bed warm at night.
All our aprons come wrapped in tissue and we will add a card with a message at no extra charge. We also offer gift wrapping at a small charge and will drop ship your items at no extra charge.
Our beautiful matching aprons for mother, daughter and Grandma make fun in the kitchen for everyone. We have a full line of different styles patterned after retro styles, you'll recognize some of them from your family members that have passed them on.

We have a full lie of old fashioned full and half aprons, our patterns are exclusive to Stitch Thru Time patterned after what our grandmother and mother wore but adjusted for the modern women sizes.

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas aprons are prettier than ever, order early so you can enjoy them throughout the holidays. For Thanksgiving we have a pretty harvest apron with pumpkins and fall leaves and for Halloween Hokus Pokus is a fun and beautiful black and orange gingham with little spiders and fanciful pockets, a great Halloween costume.

The Grandma style is a fun shorter apron with round pockets and it rests comfortably on your shoulders as all our pretty styles do. You may see it in our Grandma apron section.



Hokus Pokus Halloween Apron, click for larger view

Hokus Pokus pockets are one of five different pocket styles of witches, pumpkins and everything Halloween.
Little black spiders are on this beautiful orange and yellow gingham you won't find anywhere else as it has been discontinued.
We also have a black and orange check with purple spiders, check out our Halloween page.

1940 close up halloween pocket

Hokus Pokus pockets, they come in a variety of Halloween scenes oh so cute



Tomatoes Harvest

You can have a great harvest with some work and a little know how



How to plant Tomatoes

Get a step by step tutorial on how to plant tomatoes at home.


My soil is anything but perfect, you can see the clay that tends to be hard when dry. With a great deal of work I still had a good yield of tomatoes. You can see how I transplant my tomatoes and it will work for all or your other plants.

Bottle Cap Spinners

Bottle Cap Spinners number 209 $1.95 each

Old fashioned bottle caps will seemingly spin with a turn of your wrist. The best nostalgic spinning top. Metal tops with wooden spinner with cola root beer and rocket grape soda bottle caps.

This is a toy for every age it is easy to use and the bottle caps come in three different flavors so everyone can have root beer rocket grape soda or cola. Pick your pop with a wooden knob to hold onto them and spin, you can even have a contest to see who can spin theirs the longest.

Tiddly Winks

Tiddly Winks

Old Fashioned Tiddly Winks #203 $9.95

This fun fame includes 36 tiddly winks and 6 Shooters in 6 colors, wooden scoring pot and color canvas pouch to put it all in and a jar for storing your game. Scoring Pot is in a classic toy jar.

20 Page handbook on history game rules & techniques is included with easy instructions if you need a reminder of how to play.


Great Grandma and her friend in their Sunday best aprons.

Old Fashioned Grandma's in aprons

My Grandma's aprons job was to protect her dress underneath it. She wore her aprons while canning vegetables, pulling pies from the oven, picking peas, hanging clothes on the line or just wiping her hands off after doing the dishes. It was used for comforting her grandchildren, cleaning the crumbs off the table and many more tasks throughout the day.

She would go to the chicken coup and use her apron to carry the chicken scratch and scraps from her kitchen to her favorite chickens and then gather the green tan white and brown eggs using her apron as a bowl, bringing them into the kitchen to use for baking. If it was time for little chicks to be hatched and they weren't quite ready she would bring them into the oven to finish warming before hatching.

When company arrived Grandma would run around dusting the furniture quickly and before they came in the door she would welcome them and change into her Sunday apron.

Her apron was perfect to gather the wooden kindling for her old kitchen stove so she could bake her bread and then remove the hot pans from the oven when the bread was done.

During harvest time Grandma would bring in the ripe tomatoes, peppers, or anything that was ready to eat and canning into the kitchen. It always amazed me at how much she could fit into that small apron.

She would fill her apron with clothes from the clothes line outside. Her large apron pockets were where the clothes pins were careful placed, it always amazed me how many would fit into those pockets. Sometimes she had an apron for clothes pins only she would hang over her shoulder.

She would go out to the apple trees in the fall and carry in the culls on the ground for the applesauce that we would enjoy through the cold winter months.

When I was cold, Grandma wrapped her apron around me, I don't know if it was the apron or her love that kept me warm. Those big old aprons wiped away my tears or the sweat on her brow when she was canning over the hot stove in the summer months.

You can't find a substitute for the Old Fashioned Apron like Grandma wore. Newer modern aprons with the skinny rope around the neck and short thin front just aren't up to the job like Grandmas apron was.

My Old Fashioned Apron may wear out and need to be replaced, but the memories of that apron can last for generations.

We now a have stylish cloth face mask for comfort

4 layer face mask is available in our pretty fabrics, the one below is a red polka dot. What makes ours so unique is we have four layers, two cloth and a lining and an adjustable soft elastic that you can get the perfect fit.

Face Mask red polka dot

Retro Red polka dot Face mask F13 $14.00

Stylish face mask in red polka dots. You have four layers of protection, two layers of cloth and two layers in between. Our face mask has adjustable elastic with a pull so you can make it smaller or larger for more comfort.

We have darling fabric on our web site and if you want the same material in a mask call us at 435-648-2141. You may get a face mask to match your old fashioned apron.

Women face masks

F10 American Flag
F11 Red gingham
F12 Pink Polka Dot
F13 Red polka dot
F14 Blue Polka Dot
F15 Trimming the Tree
F16 Old Trucks
F17 Black polka dot
F18 Soda Fountain
F19 Cherry and polka dots
F20 Red Truck
F21 Old Fashioned USA
F22 Golden Autumn Leaf
F23 Old Fashioned USA
F24 Golden Autumn Leaf
F25 Christmas on the farm
F26 Pink roses and pink polka dots
F27 Lane of Liberty
F28 Angels on cream
F29 Blue angels with wings
F30 Christmas country church
F31 Hokus Pokus with purple spiders

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