Wheat Grinder Hand crank wheat corn grinder Made in America


Stitch Thru Time Wheat Grinder Made in America Grain Mill, Corn and Bean Auger
The best Wheat grinder on the market
Hand Wheat Grinder will last for years and can be motorized
Make homemade bread with your own wheat with this top quality wheat grinder. A grain mill that will last for years that grinds your grains to a fine or adjustable grind.

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Wheat Grinder

Customer comments

Wheat Grinder for fresh homemade bread at home

Grain Mill

Wheat Grinder Clamp wheat grinder
Corn bean auger
Hand grain mill that can be easily converted to electric. Number 1 Hand Mill, Can also be adapted for power
You can clamp it directly to your counter and not need the wheat grinder clamp.

Bread in the picture above is from the wheat flour grinder grinder corn bean auger when not in use. We left it open so you could see the mill.


Questions Call us 435-648-2141

Industrial grade ladyrinth grooved sealed bearings
Cast iron flywheel.
Lifetime guaranteed

Rated best in the world by two consumer magazines, East West Journal and Investment Advisor.




Close Up Grain Mill with extension handle

Close Up Grain Mill handle with extension

You may use the grain mill with or without a handle extension. I prefer to use the handle as it makes it a little easier to grind.

Notice how fine the wheat grinds on this top quality wheat and corn grinder. You may buy the extra corn grinder attachment to easily grind corn.






Questions Call us 435-648-2141

Wheat Grinder, also Corn grinder

Wheat Grinder or Corn bean auger
FDA approved food-grade powder coating finish. Powder coating cast air craft aluminum.
Build for hand milling, but easily motorized.
High-carbon steel grinding plates.

Notice how fine the wheat flour is ground to. You may adjust it if you want a coarser grind for wheat cereal or the fine wheat flour for all your special recipes.

Bolt your wheat grinder to an area on your counter top or you may get a Wall mount kit to put your grain mill on.

The Motorization kit comes with a board to put your wheat grinder - corn bean auger on.
High Carbon Grinding Plates.


Grain Mill handle comfortable to use.

Grain Mill handle easily turns to make a fine flour.

Above wheat grain mill has the power bar attached to handle.

You won't find a hand wheat grinder anywhere that is as good a quality as this one.
I love the way it grinds the wheat while still keeping the vitamin E. If your wheat gets too hot while grinding you lose some of your vitamin E nutriments.
Having the wheat, corn, mill grinder out I wait until I need my flour and grind it just before baking. That way it is as fresh as possible.

Stainless Steel Corn & Bean Auger

Now get even more versatility out of your grain mill!
Use the large auger to mill corn, legumes, peas, and coffee. Simply replace the standard auger with the large auger. The pronounced ridges on the large auger grab larger grains and push them into the grinding plates. The large auger is available in stainless steel.



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Neck Heating Pad

Neck heating pad for your neck back sciatic nerve and anywhere that hurts.




Wheat Grinder Mill Clamp

Durable Counter Clamp

Close Up Made in USA

Notice fine ground wheat

Close Up of Wheat Grinder

The flour in the flour bin that comes with storage lid is white wheat on the bottom and red wheat on the top. You can tell the difference because of the color. Both flours are ground to a fine consistency for best results in your baking.

You'll like the long handle with extension for easier grinding

You'll enjoy the long handle, a good quality wheat grinder that will last for years.

Top quality workmanship goes into this grain mill.

Rated best in the world by two consumer magazines, East West Journal and Investment Advisor.

There is no use having wheat without a quality wheat grinder. High Impact Polymer Bin with storage lid (as seen above holding the wheat). This beautiful, clear bin with etched wheat pattern is designed to fit snugly underneath your grain mill hopper. After grinding, simply place the protective lid on your bin for storage of your freshly ground flour. This bin has an 8-cup capacity. You can get the mill hopper extension to hold more wheat

Purchasing our Motorization Kit

Purchasing our Motorization Kit is the easiest way to motorize your Country Living Mill.

It has a gear reduction motor attached to a birch base. It also comes with a safety guard to hide the pulley wheels and belt. All you have to do is bolt your Country Living Mill to the mount, attach the belt and belt guard and it’s ready to go. Just like the Country Living Mill, the motorization kit is built to last for many years. With this kit, your mill turns at about 60 rpm to insure a cool grind for all your flours.

Motor Grinding WheelGrinding wheel motor

You can see our motorization kit with and without the safety guard. As long as you have electricity this is a wonderful way to grind your flour. It’s very quiet (you can actually have a conversation standing next to it), and the grind is very cool. We’have had our motorization kit on the Country Living Grain Mill for over four years, and ground flour for friends, neighbors, and a large extended family. There has been minimal wear on the grinding plates, and the motor has performed flawlessly. In short, we love it.



campo roller and flaker


Double stainless steel rollers flake your oats, spelt, rice, rye, and wheat. With a Linseed finished body constructed from Beech wood, this flanker not only looks great but performs great.

Bread from ground wheat

Large Wheat grinder wheel for easier turning.

Wheat Grinder Mill Clamp

Durable Counter Clamp $49.95

Securely mount your Country Living Mill to a counter for the best grinding experience.

Now there is a way to easily and securely mount your Country Living Mill to a counter or workbench! This indestructible clamp is made from 1/4" steel and will mount to any horizontal surface up to 2&3/8" thick with at least a 1&1/4" lip. Keep in mind that your grinding experience will only be as good as your mounting job is sturdy. We'll never forget the time when a gal called us up because she had a "faulty" grain mill. Turns out she was trying to grind while standing on the mill to hold it down! With the Country Living Counter Clamp all your energy goes where it should into grinding flour.


Grain Mill Extender

Mill Hopper Extension

This hopper extension is designed especially for those of you with motorized mills. It more than doubles the capacity of the existing hopper from 4 1/2 cups to nearly 11 cups. It settles inside the lip of the Country Living Mill's hopper and the wooden hopper lid (sold separately) fits right on top. The hopper extension makes for a handy accessory for large families and farmers grinding feed.


Complete Case

Complete Case with replacement Parts

Get the Grinding Plates, Corn & Bean Auger, the Just-in-Case Repair Kit, and Power Bar Extension Handle together in a handsome, hand-stained hardwood case at no additional charge.

This product is currently out of stock, check us for availability.

Call us at 435-648-2141 for more information.

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