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Christmas stocking for dogs and cats
Fur stockings with paw prints and washable for years of fun
Pet Christmas Stockings so they can have a Christmas Stocking hung by yours this Holiday
American made

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Dog Christmas Stockings

Dog or Cat Paw Christms Stocking Tan with blue trim

701 Dog or cat PAW Christmas stockings, tan with blue trim $39.95

This cat or dog paw stocking comes in tan or brown with fake fur for your special little someone, they deserve one too. Dog paws are sewn on so you may wash it for years of enjoyment.

It is soft and like fur and perfect for a fun holiday with you and your whole family.

Cute stockings but dog is not included, you need to provide your own.

Click for larger view

Dog or Cat Paw Christmas Stocking $39.95 Hang their stocking next to yours so Santa can fill all of them at the same time. This cute dog is not included but we are sure you have one just as dear to your heart.

Neck heating pads

Neck Heating Pad $30.95

This one is great for your lower back neck knee chest shoulder and arm.When I had breast cancer they took out some lymph nodes and it was very painful. I used the neck heating pad and wrapped it around my arm to my arm pit and it was very soothing. It helped me with the pain. I will also wrap around your hip knee or leg. I also used it on my lungs when I had pleurisy and my sciatic nerve when it hurts..

Homemade Christmas stockings

Dog or Cat Paw Christmas Stocking brown fur with blue trim

707 Dog or Cat Paw Christmas stockings brown with blue trim $39.95

Pet stockings with brown fur and blue trim. Hang it on your mantle or wall for your special pet this holiday.

Soft fur and washable to last for years. For your special someone.

Dog or Cat Paw Christmas Stocking brown with white trim

708 Dog or Cat Paw Christmas Stocking brown fur with white trim. $39.95

Dog stocking with brown fur and white trim. The top is fun Christmas cookies, snowmen and many more.

Large Heating Pads Made in America

Large Heating Pad, click for more views

Large and Extra Large Heating Pads come in two sizes
Extra large heating pads 10" x 26" number 801 $42.95
Large Heating Pad 10" x 18 1/2" number 802 $34.95

Customer Comment
My newest heating pad arrived this morning, just ahead of a major snow storm. Perfect timing and beautiful flannel. I love, love, LOVE the pattern and softness. I will be cozy and warm no matter how much snow we get! Thank you so much! Lisa C. Denver, Colorado




Pink Polka Dot Christmas Stocking

Pink Polka Dots and Pink Gingham Christmas stocking pink polka dot pink gingham on the heel and top with pink pom poms number 702 $39.95

Elegant with pink polka dot and pink gingham on heel and top. Pink rick rack, poinsettia with pink pom poms contrasting with the pink polka dot.

Rick rack add to the retro look that is so wonderful to adorn your home this season.

You may get blue polka dots for a boy and pink for a girl. Both are darling.

Blue Polka Dot Christmas Stocking

Blue Polka Dot Christmas stocking with snowflakes on the heel and top number 704 $39.95. Blue and white Victorian boot.

Blue Polka Dots with white snowflakes on a soft blue background. White rick rack and blue pom poms add to this lined that will become a heirloom and is 100% washable for many years of enjoyment. Very lovely for memories that will last.

This can be used for any family member or your little cat or dog who need to have it filled by Santa with there own treats.

Blue pom poms around the top and rick rack around the hanger are all sewn on with love.

Made in America

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